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Reactions to Tetanus Shots

There are many reasons in which one would have to get a tetanus shot. This immunization has been around for a long time. Originally it was developed to keep those who were serving in World War I from getting tetanus. Today it is still found in its original form and in the childhood immunization DTP. Basically the newer version of the shot has fewer side effects and is more tolerable by the vast majority of people than its predecessor. All of the vaccines that are associated with the tetanus are given through injections. There is a standard process by which one gets tetanus shots as an infant and then later as a child however there is also the chance that one would need the injection later in life as an adult or older adolescent. Typically this occurs after some type of injury in which one would have a chance of getting tetanus.

There are many different reactions that one might have to a tetanus shot. Some of these reactions are normal and others are not common and would indicate that the individual would need to seek immediate medical assistance. Some people have reported having flu-like symptoms. These have included that individuals have aching muscles in which they feel as though all of their muscles are sore and that they can not use them properly. Further they report not being able to do anything. By reporting this and when questioned they typically site that they felt as though they had to stay in bed all day long and that they were unable to do basic tasks and essentially any type of work. In some of the more severe cases it has even been reported that the individual was too exhausted to stand up for more than a few minutes at a time. Even though these might sound serious they are not and are more so just unpleasant and uncomfortable. Some other physical reactions might include fever, chills, racing heartbeat, headache and severe pain and discomfort at the injection site. These things all have been linked as normal reactions to the shot whereas the things that are considered to be dangerous include that if some of the above last for more than seven days.

If you have had a tetanus shot and you are experiencing the following symptoms then it would be important to know what is going on and that you should contact a doctor if your symptoms are more severe or if they last longer than seven days. Some of these are that you have vomiting, diarrhea, and prolonged flu-like symptoms. There are also some things to monitor in case of an allergic reaction. These things include a rash, itching, swelling, dizziness or trouble breathing. If you are experiencing these symptoms you should head to your nearest ER and immediately seek medical treatment. These are things that are not considered to be common side effects and are things that could be problematic if they were to continue.